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Windows & Doors

 Beautify Your Home

 Want to save heating and cooling costs and 

increase the value of your house?  

Let Hahn Builders provide and install your new windows & doors.  

Big Savings on new windows and doors - No retail middleman


New Windows can transform your home.  Getting new windows is like getting beautiful new designer glasses.  You can see better and you look better.

Big Savings  We are dealers for Vinylbilt® and Kaycan, which are highly respected manufacturers of windows and doors.  We can charge far below the suggested retail price because we are the installers and don't have sales commissions to pay and all of the overhead costs of a retail sales outlet.  That's why we can save you a lot of money.  

Old wooden windows typically have little or no insulation, are drafty and require maintenance. 

Our beautiful vinyl windows provide superior insulation, are draft free and require virtually no maintenance.  They open and close easily and are backed by a terrific warranty.  New windows save heating and cooling costs and give your home a "face lift".  


To visit the Vinylbilt® website and see their wide selection of windows and doors, click here.


To visit the Kaycan website, and see their beautiful windows click here.


Typical Window Installation Rates (based on 2 window min.)

Window installation, $150 per window. This includes aluminum capping in white, foam insulation and sealant, draft proofing and durable high quality caulking.

Supply and install interior paint grade quarter round, shoe molding or colonial door stop - $50 per window.

Exterior door installation - $300.  This includes aluminum capping in white, foam insulation sealant draft proofing and durable high quality caulking.

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