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Need Exterior Renovations? 

We do professional siding, soffit, fascia, eaves troughs

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1 : to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) 2 : to restore to life, vigor, or activity (Webster's Dictionary)


(1) This house had a completely rotted window build-out.

(2) We replaced the window build-out and rotten walls.

Exterior Renovations  

The outside of your home is exposed to some pretty severe elements; snow, water, ice, heat.  These things take their toll. Few homes can stand the test of time without an exterior renovation of some sort or another.  When it is time to renovate the exterior of your home, call me at 905-650-2699.  We can discuss the options so that you can make a good decision. 

Problems Underneath  

(Pictures 1 to 3) The house was about 20 years old in an upscale neighborhood.  The owners were concerned about discoloration on some aluminum capping below their window build-outs and asked me to check it out. 

Here's what I found.  The vinyl siding had been incorrectly installed  by the original builder.  For 20 years, during each rainfall, water seeped behind the siding and rotted away the wood underneath.  Mold and carpenter ants took up residence and by the time I inspected it, some of the front of the house was literally rotted away.  The wooden windows on both floors were decayed.  A lot of the wood crumbled in my hands.  It was unsafe.

Within a few days we installed new windows.  The rotten and moldy wood was replaced with a new structure.   New insulation was installed, a new vapor barrier was in place.  The windows were properly flashed, (see red flashing on picture #2).  The house was wrapped with a waterproof building wrap and the siding was replaced.  This time it was done right.  The carpenter ants are gone and the homeowners are delighted.

If you are looking for exterior renovations call us 905-650-2699 or email

 (3) Job finished.  Walls are repaired with two new windows, new siding and capping.

We built this patio roof with recessed lighting and a skylight.

Soffit Installation 

We also install siding, windows, doors, capping, soffit, fascia and eaves troughs.

Patio roof with lighting and skylight.  See how the new roof is seamlessly tied in with adjacent existing roof.