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Garth's old wall unit


Garth's new wall unit, custom made in oak

Garth's Wall Unit & My Granddad  

by Aaron Hahn

I was speaking with Garth, who was a friend of my granddad. Garth is in the funeral home business and looked after granddad's funeral a few years earlier. Garth spoke highly of my granddad's sense of humour and carpenter skills, which brought back a lot of great memories for me.

I recall my granddad was a talented finishing carpenter.  As a boy, I spent many hours in granddad's shop where he showed me how to use his tools.  He still had some of his old hand tools from the days he apprenticed with London Transport in England a half a century earlier. 

Granddad loved wood and taught me a lot about carpentry. He showed me how to tongue and grooved joints and how to dovetail corners, something you don't see much in modern furniture anymore.

Garth wanted to replace an old wall unit with something a bit nicer and hired me to do the job because he knew my granddad.  The ceiling was angled and a bit tricky but as you can see from the before and after pictures, I was able to build Garth's new unit to perfectly fit the room. 

Garth was delighted with his new wall unit and I'd like to think granddad would have been proud of my work.

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Close up picture of custom made oak shelves, doors and drawers

Built in wall shelf, hardwood flooring, crown molding and trim

Pagoda custom built by Gerrit Vos


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