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Outspoken v1.2 - Thursday, August 11

Think of this as a mini version of the Outspoken Festival. Pretty much a full day of wordly goodness for poets 13 - 25 with something to say! Sign up for the whole thing here.

Free Workshops
Whitney Center for the Arts, 42 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield, MA
A round robin of workshops with Eve Ewing, Safia Elhillo, and Jayson P Smith. And there will be pizza to follow. Free / preregistration required.
Outspoken Youth Poetry Slam
Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, 28 Renne Ave, Pittsfield, MA
Poets ages 13 - 25 speak their minds in friendly competition. We're going to use a a 3/2/1 format. First round everyone gets 3 minutes. Top 6 finishers in the first round move on to a second round with a 2 minute time limit. Top 3 finishers in the second round move on to third round with a 1 minute time limit. Spots are limited, so register now to grab yours.
#Kahoots: two minds/two voices
Whitney Center for the Arts, 42 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield, MA
Multi-voice pieces by young poets plus a guest feature by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib in celebration of his book release. Want to get in on the performance? You'll need at least one collaborator - we can help hook you up, but you got to get started asap!



#kahoots: two minds / two voices
The first annual Outspoken: WordXWord Youth Poetry Festival took place May 6 & 7, 2016. Stay tuned for announcement of next year's festival. More about Outspoken.

Poets ages 13 - 25 are invited to participate in #kahoots, a WordXWord challenge


The challenge is to create a multi-voice spoken word piece with someone less familiar to you. The resulting pieces will be presented as part of the annual WordXWord Festival in August 2016. Find out more about #kahoots and/or register to participate.

Weekly Poetry/Spoken Word Workshops

During the school year, WXW offers weekly meetings for teens interesting in creating and performing poetry. Information about the 2016-17 school year schedule is TBD.

Young Voices Are Always Welcome At WXW

Although WordXWord does offer teen/youth specific events, young voices are always welcome to participate in the open/adult events including poetry slams and story slams.

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